Learn Developmental Games for Babies 12 Months and Under

Baby Playing Learning Game

As your baby nears 12 months, he or she will be walking soon (if they aren’t already). You’ll be running here and there, just trying to catch them. Your naughty baby is like the mini superhero Flash and if you don’t catch them in time, you’ll have a mess on your hands to clean up. They have a lot of energy, which you can utilize in a much more effective manner.

Starting from a young age, you can play developmental games with your little one. Read on to find out about all the fun and exciting games you can play with babies who are 12 months and under. Above all, these games can help develop your child’s sensory, communication, hearing, and motor skills!

Developmental Games for Babies Under 3 Months

Tickle Songs

Mother Playing with Child

We start singing nursery rhymes to our little ones from the first day they’re born. Why not continue singing your favorite nursery rhymes to your newborn as they grow? However, make sure to sing songs with repetitive rhymes such as “This Little Piggy” to stimulate their memory skills.

Hold your baby on your lap and uncurl their toes or fingers as you sing the nursery rhyme. Towards the end, tickle them. Repeat the song several times each day. They’ll remember the exact part of the rhyme when you’ll tickle them, giggling in anticipation of it.


Babies pay attention to your facial expressions, watching you closely and in fascination. By playing copycat, it will help sharpen their visual skills. At three months, your baby can only focus on things that are around 20 cm to 35 cm or 7 inches to 13 inches from their face.

Hold your baby close to you and stick out your tongue every 20 seconds. When your baby sticks out their tongue, it’s a sign they’re copying you! Try out other facial expressions to watch your tiny human mimic them.

Developmental Games for Babies Under 6 Months


 Baby Boy with Bubble

We think it’s safe to say that even as adults, bubbles still fascinate us. If you agree, just imagine how fascinating it’s for babies to see bubbles. You can blow bubbles around your baby when they’re sitting in their car seat or bouncy chair. Watch your baby’s eyes follow the bubbles. You can even blow bubbles when you’re outdoors as well. Your baby will try to catch the bubbles and laugh when they pop near them. This game can help teach your baby about cause and effect. When you touch a bubble (cause), it pops (effect). Make sure to clean your baby’s hands after playing this game.


Have you seen those cute videos of parents talking to their babies? They just melt your heart, right? Well, you can make a video too. Talk to your little chatterbox. Your baby is likely to coo, gurgle, and grunt to talk to you. You can either talk to them normally or make the same sounds as them. You can also say things and encourage them to mimic your words.

Developmental Games for Babies Under 9 Months

In and Out

Baby Boy Peaking Inside Drawer

Babies love to get into drawers, wallets, and bags, emptying them out. You’ve probably caught your baby red-handed with your stuff several times. You can make a game out of this naughty habit. Fill a large bowl or plastic container with safe and interesting things, such as soft toys, rattles, blocks, and measuring cups.

Help your baby pick it up and turn it upside down. Together, put the things in it again. Handling different things will help your baby learn about shape, size, and weight. Additionally, it will help them differentiate between big and small and full and empty.

Adventure Playground

Do you have a baby who can’t sit still? If so, this is the perfect game for them. Create a miniature obstacle course using cushions. Stay at the ground level, so you can look at them from behind or you can use a toy to encourage them to climb over the cushions. This game will develop their balance, coordination, and body strength.

Developmental Games for Babies Under 12 Months

Tower Power

Baby Stacking Blocks

Gather empty cereal boxes, plastic bowls, lightweight books, baby blocks, and yogurt pots and use them to build a tower with your baby. Once your tower is tall enough, take turns knocking it down. Your baby will love watching the tower fall. This will help them learn about various shapes, sizes, and cause (knocking it down) and effect (falling).


Place a medium-sized and lightweight ball before you and hold your little one. Swing them forward, so their feet and legs hit the ball. This game will make your baby’s legs and tummy stronger.

Developmental Games for Babies 12 Months

String Along

 Baby with Mom Playing with Cereal

Play this game with your baby to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. On your baby’s high chair tray, place O-shaped cereal and show your toddler how to thread the cereal through a 50-cm or 19-inch piece of string with one end of it tied in a knot to prevent the cereal from slipping off. Show them how to do it first and then let them do it. Do not leave your baby alone during this activity.

Tupperware Party

This game can help develop their fine motor skills, encourage parallel play, and imitation. Gather plastic storage boxes of different shapes and sizes. If you can get boxes that fit inside each other, they’ll enjoy it even more. Show your baby how the containers fit inside each other. You can even hide small items in the plastic containers when they’re not looking and let them open it. 

Final Words for Learning Developmental Games with Babies

You can introduce your baby to different games at every stage. Both you and your baby will enjoy playing these games together. Not only will these developmental games help your baby’s development and growth, but it’s also a good way to bond with your little angel.

Try these games out and watch your baby’s eyes light up and hear them giggling and laughing. It will be a precious memory that both you and your baby will cherish forever. Even though your baby may forget it, record it to show them how much they enjoyed a particular game when they were young and learning through play.

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