How to Prepare Yourself to Take Your Kids to the Beach?

Are you thinking of taking your kids to the beach but you fear your vacation will quickly turn into sheer panic?

Poor parents — all they want is a relaxing beach vacation but in return, they get crying and screaming kids. We don’t want to scare you from taking your kids to the beach, but between you and us, we know that with kids, every vacation is chaos. But, you can reduce the stress and panic by being prepared for a beach vacation! 

Follow these tips to make your beach vacation with your kids a fun and memorable one!

Kids beach trip playing sand

Create a Beach List

With kids running around and you running after them, forgetting to take something is bound to happen. Create a list of the things to take with you to the beach in advance. In fact, you can even pack for the beach beforehand. Before leaving, just double check everything to ensure you’ve packed everything that’s on the list.

Here is a list of the items that you will need at the beach:

  • Sunscreen
  • Zip-top bags to store wet bathing suits, sunscreen, and more
  • Sunglasses, beach hats, and cover-ups
  • Extra clothes
  • Water bottles
  • Money for the ice cream truck
  • Antibacterial hand wipes and baby wipes
  • Talc-free baby powder to remove sand from your child’s feet
  • Mini first-aid kit containing alcohol wipes, bandages, and antibacterial ointment secured in a zip-top bag

Plan to Go Early or Late

The reason you need to select between going early and late is because you’re trying to beat the harsh UV rays, which are the strongest in the middle of the day. If you decide to go early, make sure you have juice boxes and other snacks to give to your kids in the car and then have lunch early at the beach. If you go late, your kids will be fresh and energetic and less cranky because they already had their nap.

Bring Limited Number of Toys


You don’t need to bring a lot of toys to the beach. Just bring a shovel and pail. If you bring several toys, some may be left behind on the beach. It’s also a hassle to gather everything up. Also, don’t make the mistake of asking your child to choose something they want to take because they’ll want to bring their entire toybox. 

Other things to bring are shaping toys and different types of shovels. You can sit back and relax while your child plays in the sand, building sandcastles. Since there’s no right age to build sandcastles, you can join your child in all the fun.

Get Puddle Jumpers

Puddle jumpers will keep your child safe in the water. You need to supervise your child on the beach, especially near water, so puddle jumpers will give you that added security that your child is safe. Puddle jumpers are safer than blow-up tubes as well.

Bring Sunscreen

Sunscreen protects your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. You can’t go to the beach without wearing sunscreen. It’s an essential item that needs to be on your list. Get a good quality stick sunscreen because it’s easier to apply on your kids.

Get a Beach Chair

Little Girl Sitting on a Beach Chair

Unless you want to want to sit on the sand most of the day, get a beach chair. You don’t have to get a fancy or costly beach chair either. Just a get simple one. If you want, use an umbrella for shade. If you have a baby and toddler, they’ll want to take a nap so you can lay them under the umbrella to protect them from the sun.

However, you should also keep in mind that the chances of them taking a nap on the beach are low. They may not take a nap at all. You can try to give them a nap and if they don’t want to sleep, give up. If you’re lucky and you have a child that values their sleep, you’ll get an opportunity to relax while they nap for a few hours. 

Put Things in Different Bags

Don’t make your life more complicated by packing everything in one bag. You should have a separate bag for beach towels, snacks, and other small items, such as their toys and clothes. This way, you’ll be more organized.

Make sure to pack sand-proof snacks, such as yogurt, applesauce, biscuits, and sliced fruits. If you want, you can take a picnic basket with sandwiches and baby food if your child is young. Don’t put them in a plastic bag, but in a reusable container or snack bag because plastic bags can fly away with the wind.

Bring Plenty of Water

Little Girl Drinking Water

Children, in all their excitement on the beach, forget to drink water. You’ll have to remind your kids to drink water and hydrate themselves from time to time. You may need to trick your child into drinking more water by mixing half water with half juice. You can also keep juice boxes for them. Since juices are full of sugar, get the ones that are made of 100% fruit.

Bribe Your Children with Treats to Do Things

Sometimes, the only thing that works with kids is a bribe. If you want your child to wear a hat, put on sunscreen, or eat their food, you can bribe them with ice cream. As you’ll find several ice cream trucks on the beach, you can buy them ice cream for following your instructions. Kids will do anything for ice cream!

Final Words

Going to the beach doesn’t have to be hectic or a hassle. No need to wait for your kids to get older to enjoy the beach either. Use these tips to plan your beach vacation. You can pull off a wonderful beach vacation and come home — not exhausted because of the children, but because of all the fun you had at the beach.


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