Easy Ways to Travel with Children on Plane Flights this Holiday Vacation

You have travel plans with your little ones and you’re not looking forward to it at all. You’re not the only mom fretting traveling with kids on a plane, but nearly all moms and dads are in the same boat as you when its time to start your holiday travels. 

If you’re going by plane with kids, you’ll have to mentally prepare yourself for what’s going to come if not prepared for your flight — which is possibly crying followed by more crying.

This is why planning for your next plane flight with kids is so important, to ensure your next flight or holiday vacation travels go smooth and easy. What if we told you that there’s a way for you to keep your cool, enjoy the traveling experience, and arrive at your destination with all smiles instead of feeling frazzled? Yes, moms, it’s possible. For a peaceful landing,you just need to perfect these easy ways to travel with kids on a plane.

No Vacation or Flight without a Plan

Planning is a must, when you’re flying with your little one, there’s no such thing as being over prepared. You need to keep wet wipes, snacks, toys, and anything that will quiet and calm down a crying baby throwing a tantrum. You should also be prepared for the unexpected. Your child could fall sick during flight; hence,it’s better to buy medicine beforehand. You should also pack their extra clothes because children are messy. Make sure to keep extra clothes for yourself as well because you never know when you might need to change if your clothes get dirty while feeding your little one.

No Such Thing as Too Many Wet Wipes

Stock up on wet wipes because your child isn’t the only one who will need them. They are useful for cleaning up the mess your child will make during flight. If your child has an accident or becomes sick, you can use wet wipes to clean up your child.Plus, wet wipes will come in handy if there’s a flight delay or your plane is stuck on the runway or tarmac waiting to take off. Wet wipes will help you get through the mess, so it is a good idea to keep at least two to three of them on you.

Pack a Small Bag for Your Child's Flight


mom with children taking plane flight

If you are traveling with more than one child, you should pack a small bag for each one of them. Pack a bag for your children for the flight with appropriate carry on clothes and toys for both newborns and toddlers 2 and up in age. However, don’t make the mistake of showing them what you’re keeping in it. Don’t ask them what they want to take with them because then it will create chaos in the house.

You know what your child likes. Pack their favorite things and tell them to open it at the airport when you have checked in or are inside the plane. It will be like a game for them. Some things you can pack include coloring books, color pencils, little Lego sets, and sweets. 

Early Check-in to Ensure You are Seated Together

For large families with more than two kids, early check-in ensures that everyone sits together on the plane. You want to share the responsibilities of taking care of a child on the plane,but having your partner sit in a different seat than you can make that more difficult to do. The struggle to sit together is real. As soon as online check-in opens, reserve your seats to take a sigh of relief.

See a Toilet Sign at Airport, Take The Kids


male and female toilets and baby care room sign airport

How often do you hear your child say that they don’t want to go to the toilet when you ask them? And then they want to go to the toilet after half an hour when there’s no toilet in sight. You really need to keep your cool then. Regardless of how old your child is, force them to use the toilet, especially before boarding the plane. 

Avoid giving them a lot of fluids because then the toilet stops won’t stop and cause unnecessary delays and panic. If you’re inside the plane, not sitting in the aisle seat, and they need to go to the toilet frequently, it may bother the person who is. The back and forth movement to the plane bathroom will tire you out as well.

Can Never Go Wrong with Plenty of Snacks for kids of All Ages

Always keep plenty of tasty and healthy snacks on you because it will take time for the in-flight meal to be served. If your child gets hungry before that, you’ll have a backup until then. Remember, a hungry kids is an angry upset kid. They will get moody, cry, and throw a tantrum. Have snacks on standby to keep their hunger levels down so they remain calm for a few minutes to unwind.

Technology Can Save the Day on Plane Flights with Children

We understand that not all parents will be in favor of handing their child an iPad or a handheld tablet to keep them distracted during the flight. It’s a debatable topic. If you’re willing to make an exception, give them an iPad or tablet. Trust us, it will make your life a whole lot easier. 

You can download their favorite games, TV shows, movies, and music on their devices beforehand. By giving them a device, you can enjoy your in-flight meals or have a few minutes of peace or hours if you’re lucky. Just make sure it’s fully charged. 

Dress The Kids in Flight-Appropriate Clothes

Flight-appropriate clothes are comfortable clothes. You don’t want to dress your kids in their nicest clothes because it could upset your child and create bigger mess for the both of you if they get dirty. No matter how hard you try to prevent your children from spilling things on their clothes, they still manage to do it somehow.

Dress them in comfortable clothes, such as soft and roomy shirts and pajamas. Make them wear socks with shoes that you can easily remove during the flight. Some kids may feel too cold due to the plane’s air conditioning, so it’s a good idea to keep a sweatshirt. Ask for pillows and blankets as well. 

Transit Flights Give Children Room for Stretching

Direct flights can make your child even crankier, if they are stuck in a lap or tight seat for to long during the flight. Your little ones need to run, jump, and walk. Sitting inside the plane the entire time without any stops can make your kids restless. If it’s a long flight, take a transit flight with a break in between for your children to stretch out their legs. It will also help release all the pent-up energy they have and then sleep it off during the flight. 

Final Words for Your Flights with a Child

Master these ways and refine them if necessary. Some of these things may work for your child and some may not, as every child is different. Do what works best for you and your child. Have a fun and enjoyable flying experience!

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